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About Bảo Hộ Xanh

Bảo Hộ Xanh

Bảo Hộ Xanh (One of the members of NetGroup) with the orientation to become a manufacturing, wholesale and retail organization specializing in protective equipment. Our main goal is to become the leading prestigious brand about protective equipment in Vietnam as well as expanding the market in the world. Bao Ho Xanh specialized research and deploy the measures of occupational safety, manufacture products, wholesale equipments and protective equipments for organizations. .


Our company has set its own missions. That is to focus on conducting research, consulting and deploying effective solutions in occupational safety. Contribute to create a safer and happier life. Bao Ho Xanh existed to “make life safer”.


Striving in the next 10 years, our company will be the leading and largest scale about labor protection in Vietnam. And in the next 30 years, Bao Xanh will become a prestigious and popular brand in all over the world.

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