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About Sợi Chỉ Vàng

Soi Chi Vang

Sợi chỉ Vàng is a company specializing in receiving custom orders. Established in 2009. The company is a member of NetGroup, licensed by the Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City 0309561 032. Golden Thread focuses on the fields of garment, printing and embroidery. , Textile fibers. The company is also a partner – a supplier of uniforms for businesses and schools in the country and exported to the world. Main products such as: Uniforms for staff, students…


Applying modern and advanced technologies into the garment industry from the stages of product design, production and transportation. Constantly improving, innovating, creating. Contribute to creating a new look, a new, more beautiful and professional image for customers.


Striving in the next 10 years, Golden Thread will become the largest garment company in Vietnam. And in the next 30 years, we will expand our market to the world, on a global scale. Become a reputable and widely popular brand.

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