NETGROUP (NET Co., ltd) was established in 2009 with license No. 0309561032 by HCMC’s Department of Planning and Investment. We are an organization of enthusiastic young people developing on  the base of "absorbing the elite knowledge of the world, crystallizing in the spirit of Vietnam

The scope of our company is software development, e-commerce sectors and deploying IT solutions for businesses.


We researching and develop IT solutions to help people shorten the gap in business on the basis of adequate information and mutual trust. In other words, NET mission is "to make  the people easier to connect"  throughout “enhancing trust in business transactions”.

          We are here  to help people in building trust and relationship easier.


The NET aims to become a reputable technology company recognized by the world.

Our company will strive to be one of the biggest Online Solution providers in Vietnam in the next 10 years and becomes a trustworthy Online Solution provider in the world in the next 30 years.



We pursue the following core values:

  • Customer-focused orientation: We always consider our customers as the most important bosses that help company in operating and growing.
  • Enthusiastic spirit: Each and every employee in our company tries our best to work for the organization, for the team and for the person himself.
  • Social responsibility: We are committed to link our business with social responsibility throughout the products and services we provide. With our high-quality products and services, we also contribute in building a community more prosperously.
  • Learning and innovating continuously : We consider learning and innovation continuously as the most  important motivation helping us to complete our mission.


Story of a grain and golden field

Once upon a time, Southern land was such a messy pile of barren rock that no trees can survive. One day, one little grain was fallen into this land. Under the blazing sun, the grain and its only best friend – the ground which had been barren because of the burning sunlight were growing up together throughout all the difficulties. They were side by side fighting with the sun day by day until one day, a new disaster was coming when the grain and the ground seemed to be exhausted.


Is it a threat or an opportunity?

         After the scorching sunlight, a storm was coming and seemingly destroying everything. The scorching sunlight was replaced

         by the frenzy winds and rushing water wanting to engulf the land. The field – the dearest and the only friend of the grain was

          moaning frighteningly.

Working together

In this distressing moment, the grain told to his friends:

“Hey guy, do not mourn! I have something that might help you and me become immortal, no power that can engulf us.”

“My dear grain,what can help us survive through this formidable power of this severe water flow?” The ground doubted.

“ Yes, there is. It is not far but right here.  It appears inside you and me, my dear. That is Belief!” The yellow grain calmly answered. “Belief wil bound us together and we will become immortal!”.

Water have been listening carefully to the conversation between the yellow grain and ground. She said:

“Guys, we have flowed through lots of rapids, got over so many obstacles/ constraints just to find Belief. Where there was no Belief, we had to move on/ traverse quickly to find a new land which caused everything around damaged. However, when we find it, we will stop and you will see that we are gentle and helpful. I also want to be immortal like you, so can you share me a little Belief?”

The Sun, ordinarily apathetic about features on the Earth, was melted by those three who were consensus in overcoming challenges to discover their real value, ashamedly captured the fierce rays and asked to associate with them to create the being on this Southern land.

          Eventually the little grain,  the ground, the water and the Sun blended into each other and grew into the first fields on the

         Southern land.

        Multiple the Belief

        Not only did they stop there, but the Belief of the little grain, ground, water and Sun also spread to many other places attracting

        grains, ground, water and Sun from those areas to build up indefinite golden fields, that is the proof of life and longevity like