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Plant Monitoring Based on AI Technology – Bloomfield Robotics Invested by Kubota Company

Japanese tech company Kubota has invested in startup Bloomfield Robotics, Inc. of the United States, a company that uses image analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to assess crop growth and detect pests and diseases on grapes, blueberries, and other fruit crops. .

Bloomfield’s cameras are mounted on farm vehicles to quickly collect high-resolution images of individual trees as they pass. The image is assessed on the main plant growth indicators such as color, ripeness, fruit size (yield) and leaves.

AI processes and analyzes image data to make harvest and crop protection recommendations to customers through the BloomAI dashboard.

Finally, Bloomfield provides AI-based health and performance assessment of individual plants and crops, allowing grape growers and orchards to make better decisions and increase their yields.

Kubota has been building strategic alliances with various startups and other companies working in the field of improving tree and orchard productivity. The alliance with Bloomfield will accelerate Kubota’s transition to smart agriculture on fruit and crop farms. The investment was made through a partnership with the THRIVE Accelerator Program, a startup accelerator operated by SVG Ventures that Kubota has been involved with since 2019.

Source: Food And Farming Technology

Author: Matt Peskett