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The Government Has A Significant Role To Play In Promoting “Make In Vietnam”

Nguyen Manh Hung, Minister of Information and Communications, underlined that the most crucial aspect of starting a technology firm is building a market. The government is the greatest spender in a country that will have a key role in the development of technology firms.

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Former Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc called on the business community and entrepreneurs in Vietnam to encourage patriotism and show the desire to establish a natural economy after announcing the “Make in Vietnam” plan. Join hands to carry out the historic duty of ensuring that the country does not slip into the middle-income trap and that a powerful and wealthy Vietnam is built.

“After 30 years of assembly and processing, Vietnam today has the foundations in place to shift its focus to developing and manufacturing Vietnamese technological goods. The Vietnamese people possess sufficient excellent traits to develop technology. We need to define and proclaim a plan to build Vietnamese technology firms that is clear and unequivocal: creativity in Vietnam, design in Vietnam, Vietnam controls the industry. Make use of technology and be proactive in your manufacturing “ Former Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc suggested

When addressing at the first “Vietnam Digital Technology Business Forum,” Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung underlined the remarks on the growth of Vietnamese technology firms.

The Minister stated that the digital revolution, particularly its most recent development, the 4th industrial revolution, has provided Vietnam with new and unique chances. Technology has the potential to address many of Vietnam’s challenges. Vietnam, despite its challenges, is a fertile ground for the start-up and growth of technological companies. Vietnam is also the birthplace for Vietnamese technology companies looking to go internationally and tackle global issues.

Human technology is being used to build new technology, resulting in solutions and products that will alter Vietnam and the globe. Vietnam will thereafter evolve into a sophisticated and powerful nation. Our slogan will be “Made in Vietnam.” Vietnam was born, Vietnam was built, Vietnam was designed, and Vietnam was made. Vietnamese technology companies will be able to manufacture their products in the country. We will not be able to overcome the problem of worker productivity and escape the middle-income trap if we continue to assemble exclusively.

As a global nation and citizen, Make in Vietnam is also our responsibility: in addition to using and consuming technology, Vietnam must contribute to humanity and progress. mankind’s technology

Technology is now a part of every business, whether it be a product or a service. Companies, especially young ones, cannot efficiently create and promote without the use of technology. Companies that use technology to modify products, change how things are made, and change business models will help to reshape the world. Technology firms, whether they are inventing, producing, or delivering technology as a service, are the most essential participants in increasing technology adoption across all industries and across the world. The Ministry of the Economy and Society is in charge of the economy and society. As a result, the development of Vietnamese technology businesses is a top focus.

“The most essential thing to do if you want to start a technology company is to create a market.” Because the government is a country’s greatest spender, purchasing technology items by the government will make a considerable contribution, particularly in the early stages, to the formation of technology enterprises. National digital transformation occurs swiftly and on a national scale in many domains, from enterprises to government and society, resulting in a large market for Vietnamese digital technology companies” Nguyen Manh Hung, the director stated.

CMC Chairman and General Director Nguyen Trung Chinh, speaking on Make in Vietnam, advised that the government adopt policies to assist the growth of the local IT sector, with a focus on increasing the use of information technology. Products and services in the field of information technology developed in the nation.

“In order to more effectively implement the “Make in Vietnam” campaign, the government should encourage private businesses to contribute to the development of digital technologies and solutions that can participate in the digital transformation by promoting the development of digital technologies and solutions that can participate in the digital transformation.” Mr. Chinh proposed marketing digital services overseas to strengthen regional and global industrial networks and value chains.

Source: ICT News ( Vietnam.Net)

Author: Nguyen Thai

Translator: Uyen Phuong