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The Importance of Ecommerce During COVID-19

How the Pandemic Has Affected Ecommerce?

In March 2020, much of the world went into lockdown, forcing many businesses to temporarily shut down. Countries are gradually relaxing restrictions, but the future is still uncertain. Even businesses that are reopening have restrictions enforcing social distancing, the wearing of masks, and limits on how many customers can enter a space at one time.

When traditional shopping becomes difficult, or may even be scary, people are increasingly inclined to shop online. The fact that consumers were already embracing Amazon and other online retailers with open arms made this transition considerably easier.

In 2020, online revenue growth was up 44% and in Q1, 2021 it increased 39% year-over-year. There’s a good chance that this trend will continue in the post-quarantine world. The advantages of online shopping aren’t going to disappear even when retail businesses reopen fully. All of this points to why this is the ideal time to either start or double down on your ecommerce efforts.

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Factors that Will Continue to Have a Positive Impact on Ecommerce Growth

Let’s look at some of the reasons that customers are likely to continue shopping more and more online.

1. New shopping habits: Due to quarantine, people’s way of buying items has changed. The situation has persisted long enough for these patterns to become ingrained. Certainly, when stores open customers will venture out more. However, this doesn’t mean they’ll suddenly stop the fairly addictive, and comforting feeling of shopping online.

2. COVID-19 fears aren’t going to disappear overnight: Even when the quarantine ends, people will be cautious, and many will still prefer shopping online from the safety of their homes.

3. The rapid growth of mobile devices is making it easier than ever to browse and shop online: Customers can place orders one-handed from the device that is likely in their hand or pocket at all times.

4. Even as some items became scarce in physical stores there were options for ordering online: And things like toilet paper that became nonexistent in brick and mortar stores could be ordered or pre-ordered online.

Convenience, wide selection, and savings have spurred online shopping since the beginning. This will continue exponentially as the benefits of ecommerce becomes even more popular and competitive.

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Make the most of social media

Social media provides a great opportunity to connect with customers and bridge the gap between online and offline shopping.

  1. Social media ads: Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and other social sites can drive traffic to your online store.

2. Use Pinterest to promote products: For selling physical items, Pinterest is one of the best options as many users come to this site to browse for inspiration. You can build traffic organically with pins and boards as well as by advertising on Pinterest.

3. Engage with your followers: It’s important to stay connected to your followers. Monitor your channels and promptly answer questions and comments.

Author: Jennifer McAdams

Quoter: Việt Hoàng