Use of information technology solutions for business
You are a good manager, have a strategic vision and you want to invest in a logical way to IT can create competitive advantage in the marketplace. You see and recognize the importance of IT to improve the efficiency of business operations
Investment in stages and oriented
Total solution for enterprise management system called resource management (Enterprise Planning-ERP Resrouce). Currently, in the world of SAP ERP package (a well-known supplier of German) cost up to a million dollars. In Vietnam, there are many software companies offer this service at prices ranging from a few dozen to a few hundred thousand dollars. This price is totally out of reach for most small and medium enterprises in Vietnam. Furthermore, for small and medium enterprises, the application of expensive ERP medium, medium to reduce performance, while performance management is not increasing much. For small and medium enterprises, human resource management module-Attendance-Payroll module is the most basic and practical, as well as any business person needs. The rest of the ERP modules such as production management, warehouse management, financial management can be invested in the next period, when business needs. Thus, the investment over the plan period is consistent with Vietnamese enterprises in the current situation.
Investing in attendance solutions - payroll in personnel management packets
A solution Attendance Payroll HR effectiveness should always have a harmonious combination between hardware (timekeeper, computer, network) and application software. Some businesses have not realized this, it had to accept much pity unnecessary waste. According to the company's total shares Elite Solutions a consulting business and management solutions provider in Vietnam, when investing in timekeeping software - Payroll, many businesses have had to replace the whole timekeeper system previously purchased expensive because not only find compatible software. On timekeeper market, businesses can meet all kinds of items, from high-end line of Virdi Korea, Singapore ... the kind ABRIVISION-ordinary from China, Taiwan, Malaysia ... prices are also very long, which confused buyers. Even even vendors also proved embarrassing to choose the form of distribution of this item. Some places sell timekeeper as office equipment, it is integral to the operation of the software. Some places have thought about the need for basic timekeeping software, but their software is not connected with the staff - Payroll. The omission of the supplier inadvertently cause damage to its business clients.
The model applies to activities timekeeping IT - Payroll
A payroll timekeeping system operates through the following steps:
1. Noting the time - to employees in attendance card
2. Take the card data was taken from Timekeeper, analysis to generate attendance reports
3. Using attendance reports to generate payroll, payroll in addition can also depend on some other factors.
In the old model of the solution, step (1) is made by the mechanical timekeeper, works as a stopwatch timekeeping card into the paper's staff. By the end of the month, HR personnel must perform step (2) and (3), by reading the attendance card, plus free and enter the number of hours worked by hand into excel. In the new model, electronic timekeeper (or card fingerprint sensor with timekeeping software, which can be done step (1) and (2) quickly and accurately. This helps type give three following issues:
- HR staff spend a lot of time for the review, and now must pay for all that time.
- Accuracy of the review of the public is not high. With workload timekeeping for 100 people every month, the staff was very easy mistake. The calculation of the error will give rise to many issues, does not exclude the possibility of lawsuits from workers.
- Information to be simplified: by calculation should be done manually businesses often overlook the minor flaws, as the case worker 5.10 minutes late. These errors are combined in a month if it will grow, but more important, if ignored, small errors will easily become big mistake.
If you only buy as timekeeper buy office equipment, business machines can only be used in step (1), and thus invisible, the use of modern electronic timekeeping was not different the use of a mechanical timekeeper, but higher cost efficiency remain the same. If purchased with the timekeeper timekeeping software basically comes from overseas, the enterprise can meet the step (1) and (2) for a short time, but will have trouble when packaged software This is not compatible with the HR-Payroll future. The software package is usually great for the open defect. The change of packaged software from abroad for compatibility with modules in Vietnam is almost impossible (though businesses have to spend money). Meanwhile, businesses face two alternatives need to be addressed:
- Replace all hardware and software compatibility with attendance to the payroll;
- Do not use the payroll.
The replacement timekeeper and attendance software previously purchased a huge waste. This was inevitable, as companies look ahead to the needs of the payroll in step 3.
Select qualified suppliers
Thus, when choosing a timekeeping solution, enterprises should take full account of the following points:
- Quality of hardware, native products, the warranty period;
- Software is the software will use what comes with the product or provided by a third party supply;
- If the software that comes with the product, the scalability of the software vendors is how?
- If the software is provided by third parties, the price will be, and compatibility with hardware or not ... best case, businesses can choose a hardware supplier can meet always easy software and software changes are required. Meanwhile, the expansion in the future becomes very easy, the costs are spent effectively used. This article introduces a small module packs HR solutions in ERP, indicating the necessity of the investment orientation. If possible orientations, the investment will be effective, if not better orientation, and costly investment will spread.