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Through technological solutions created on our products and services, We exist to “make life better”.


To become a leading Technology company in Vietnam and gain reputation in the world.

By implementing our mission in the next ten years, our company will be one of the prominent technology companies in Vietnam and gain prestige worldwide within the next thirty years.


The core values of our company pursue:

Dedication to customers: We always consider customers as the most important boss thanks our company’s survival and development.
Enthusiasm for work: Every person in the company always tries their best to work for the organization, the team, and the individual himself.
Community Responsibility: We are committed to aligning business with social responsibility through we provide goods and services and contribute to building a thriving and better community.
Continuous learning and creativity: We consider the process of constantly learning and creativity as the most significant motivation to help us achieve our mission.



When the land was first established, the Phuong Nam land was still a barren pile of rock and soil, without a single tree or blade of grass that could survive. One day, a very ordinary grain of golden rice fell on the ground. Under the scorching sun, the golden rice and its only close friend, the ground, was drying up due to the burning sun, and overcame countless difficulties to survive. Together they fought the scorching sun, day after day, until one day when the golden rice and fields seemed exhausted, a new disaster struck.

A storm or an opportunity?

While suffering from the scorching sun, a stormy billow came from nowhere and thundered down onto the ground as if wanting to destroy everything. The red heat was now replaced by crazy winds and then water rushed in from nowhere as if it wanted to submerge the ground. Earth – the golden grain’s most beloved and only friend – was now groaning in fear.

Let’s work together

During that miserable time, the golden rice said to his friend:

“Hey guy, don’t cry anymore! I have something that can help you and I become immortal that no power can engulf us.

“My dear golden rice, what can save us from the terrible power of this ferocious water?” Land asked doubtfully.

“Yes. That’s not far away, it’s very close. It’s right there in you and me, my friend. That’s your Faith!” The golden rice calmly replied. “Faith will make you merge with me and we will be immortal!”

Water heard the story between the golden rice and the earth just now and spoke up:

“Guys, we have gone through countless rapids and overcome many hardships just to find one thing: Faith. Where there is no Faith, we must quickly go through to find a new land, causing everything around us to be destroyed. But once we find it, we will stop and then you will see how we are gentle and helpful. I also want to become immortal like you guys, so can you share with me some Faith?”.

The sun, previously indifferent to everything on earth, is moved by the sight of three friends who unanimously overcome difficulties to find true value and shamefully withdraw the flames that were easily abandoned through me and would like to communicate with you to together give birth to the life of Phuong Nam land.

So the golden rice, soil, water and sun mixed together and flourished, forming the first fields of Phuong Nam land.

Duplicate beliefs

Not only that, their Faith is also spread to many other countries, attracting the grains of rice, soil, water and sun from other countries to build golden fields with flying stork wings, which is proof of life and existence as it is today.