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High-tech agriculture is an agricultural system that applies advanced technologies to enhance efficiency and productivity, also known as high-tech farming, aiming to improve productivity, and the quality of agricultural products, meet the increasing demands of society, and ensure sustainable agricultural development.

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Advantages of hi-tech agriculture

Producing high-quality agricultural products with high yields, even under unfavorable conditions. Creating better working conditions for laborers through a mobile connectivity system, enabling farmers to monitor the progress of crop batches in the fields and individual livestock units from their homes, facilitating timely and effective decision-making.

Incorporating high-tech methods into agriculture allows for producing high-performance, high-quality, safe, and fresh agricultural products. Consumers can access clean, quality-assured products at affordable price

Furthermore, high-tech agriculture integrates various application features such as mechanizing processes from production to harvesting, processing, and preserving agricultural products. Incorporating information technology into managing agricultural, forestry, and fishery production processes, such as monitoring growth, regulating, and forecasting, helps maximize quality.

Applying biotechnology in the selection and breeding of crops and livestock is suitable for favorable weather conditions, high productivity, strong resilience, and reduced losses. In addition to the benefits above, the application of high technology in agriculture also brings about increased revenue and economic value, stable and high-income sources.

High technology integrated application

Agricultural industrialization (mechanization of various stages in the production, harvesting, processing, and manufacturing processes), automation, information technology, new materials technology, biotechnology; high-yielding and high-quality crop varieties, livestock, advanced cultivation techniques, and organic farming. These factors collectively contribute to high economic efficiency within a production unit.

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Features of high-tech agriculture

  • Large capital investments
  • Application of the latest scientific technologies
  • Construction of new-style agricultural factories
  • Strict control over cultivation and livestock processes
  • Optimization of human resources, reduction of natural disaster risks
  • Development of new energy sources, organic fertilizers, natural pesticides
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Important factors to develop sustainable

  • Possessing knowledge, understanding, and passion for agriculture
  • Not afraid of challenges, not discouraged by failure
  • Capable of recognizing problems and learning from mistakes
  • Emphasizing post-harvest processing and preservation to enhance the value of agricultural products
  • Boosting communication to increase the brand coverage of agricultural products
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Difficulties encountered

  • When applying advanced technology, many localities and businesses in the agricultural sector will face several challenges.
  • Investment capital: To achieve the best results, a significant investment in technology, research time, and crop cultivation is required.
  • Legal mechanisms related to land, such as unclear land ownership documentation, also serve as barriers that deter businesses from investing with confidence.