High-Tech Agriculture


High-tech industry is an applied agriculture combining new and advanced technologies for production, also known as high technology to improve efficiency, create breakthroughs in productivity, quality of agricultural products, satisfy the increasing needs of society and ensure sustainable agricultural development.

The advantages of high-tech agriculture

Produce agricultural products with excellent quality, high productivity, even under unfavorable conditions. Creating better working conditions for workers, through the mobile connection system, although sitting at home, farmers can still know the progress of crop plots in the field and each cage, each step to make the right decisions in time and effectively.

Applying high technology to agriculture allows you to create high-performance, good quality, safe and fresh produce. Consumers have access to clean, quality products with affordable prices.

In addition, high-tech agriculture is also integrated with many application features such as mechanization of the stage in the production process until harvesting, processing and preserving agricultural products. Integrating information technology in the process of management of agro-forestry and fishery production such as monitoring the growth process, monitoring, regulating and forecasting helps to improve the maximum quality.

Application of biotechnology in the process of breeding, breeding crops and livestock in accordance with favorable weather conditions, high productivity, good resistance, minimizing damage. In addition to the above benefits, the application of high technology in agriculture also brings revenue management and economic growth value, high and stable sources of income.

High-tech application integration

Agricultural industrialization (mechanization of the stages of production, harvesting, preliminary processing, processing…), automation, information technology, new material technology, biotechnology; plant varieties, productive livestock, high quality, advanced farming processes, organic cultivation. For high economic efficiency on a unit of production.

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Characteristics of high-tech agriculture

  • Large investment capital
  • Application of the latest scientific technologies
  • Building new types of agricultural enterprises
  • The process of cultivation and breeding is strictly controlled
  • Optimizing human resources, reducing disaster risk
  • Development of new energy sources, organic fertilizers, natural pesticides
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Important factors for sustainable development

  • Knowledgeable, knowledgeable, passionate about agriculture
  • Don’t be afraid to be hard, not discouraged when you fail.
  • Know how to see the problem, learn from the experience after making a mistake.
  • Note the processing and storage after harvest, to increase the value of agricultural products
  • Promote communication, to increase the coverage of agricultural products brands
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Difficulties, challenges

  • When applying high technology, many localities and businesses in the field of agriculture will face many difficulties.
  • Investment capital: To apply the best effect, a huge investment capital is needed for technology, research time, orchards.
  • Legal mechanisms on land such as land ownership papers have not taken clear steps as well as barriers for businesses not to boldly invest.