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Agriculture In Vietnam’s High-Tech Era – New Development Trends

Hi-tech agriculture is no longer a foreign concept to the globe, but it is still relatively new in Vietnam, where it has caught the attention of the government and other production companies due to its significant benefits over traditional agriculture. Vietnam’s goal is high-tech agriculture, which is expected to be a significant step forward for the country’s agriculture.

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What is hi-tech agriculture?

Hi-tech Agriculture is a method of farming that integrates new and sophisticated production methods, sometimes known as high technology, in order to increase efficiency, produce breakthroughs in productivity and quality of agricultural products, and meet societal expectations. Ensure the agricultural sector’s long-term viability.

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Using and integrating high-tech and new-technology in high-tech agriculture, such as agrochemical technology (production, harvesting, preliminary processing, processing…), automation, information technology, and agricultural technology application of new technologies (phased mechanization).

Implement industrial agriculture development in Vietnam

Newer technology is one of the key strategies for developing hi-tech agriculture. Using biotechnology, greenhouse technology, drip irrigation technology, sensor technology, automation, Internet of Things… and other technical advantages to solve the problem of reducing agricultural production costs, increasing productivity, reducing costs, improving the quality of agricultural products, and protecting the environment.

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Hi-tech agriculture, on the other hand, assists farmers in actively producing, overcoming seasonality, reducing reliance on weather and climate, and meeting market demand for high-quality agricultural goods.

According to the research, scientific and technical improvement accounts for more than 30% of the added value of agricultural output, with plant types accounting for 38% and animals accounting for 38%. The amount of agricultural goods lost has dramatically decreased (rice is less than 10 percent , …).

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Important factors for the development of high-tech agriculture

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