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The “Frozen” Situation in the Mekong Delta Real Estate Service Model During The COVID-19 Pandemic

While the COVID-19 epidemic has progressed in an incredibly convoluted manner. There is a regular scenario in the real estate investment model system of being unable to implement plans and initiatives. The new transaction generation model has been paused or halted. The current scenario exists in the majority of provinces and cities, particularly in metropolitan areas surrounding the Mekong Delta.

When it comes to Can Tho at the start of 2020, it is hard not to highlight the real estate market, which is under great stress because to the COVID-19 epidemic. The general status quo can be saved until the end of 2020. However, the fourth wave of COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the provinces and towns of the Mekong Delta.

Real estate trade floors in Can Tho city are momentarily “frozen” due to the broader social distancing scenario. However, it should be noted that infrastructure, such as Hong Phat An Binh residential area, STK An Binh residential area (Ninh Kieu district), Stella Mega City residential area (Binh Thuy district), has been finished and placed into service. This is a very complex implementation and building procedure.

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The “Prosperity” of Can Tho’s Real Estate Model at the time of 2018-2019 is undeniable

Can Tho has been regarded a “fatty” trade platform from about 2018-2019, producing dozens of enterprises dealing in real estate models and services. However, there are presently just a few dispersed locations on the map. There are still some deposit transactions on the general market today before engaging into a contract. When both the purchasing and selling parties are known investors or have a past transaction link.

It is clear that the reason for the “immobility” of real estate exchanges is that projects are being delayed and goods are not being presented correctly. Not to mention the fact that certain basic salary and brokerage fees must be paid. However, this income only provides a partial assistance.

In Vinh Long province, a similar situation is taking place. According to Mr. Do Hoang Tho, Head of Housing and Real Estate Market Management Department (Can Tho City Department of Construction), the real estate market in Can Tho can be considered as a driving force when the surrounding cities are not even better.

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On Real Estate Trading Floors, There Are Consequences Between Areas

The Vietnam Association of Realtors sponsored a large-scale survey at the end of August 2020 to collect comments in order to offer suggestions to the appropriate authorities. The overall goal is to aid brokers and exchanges.

Furthermore, there are always proposals to the bank regarding shortening the payback period and altering the suitable interest rates. Furthermore, the Association advises that if the exchange fails to meet its sales obligation owing to social exclusion, the project investor should support, promote, and not punish the contract. During the time of social distance, units and people that rent a home shoulder a portion of the rent or are late in paying rent…