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Binh Duong Real Estate – A Great Attraction For Domestic – Foreign Corporations

Binh Duong is becoming a hot place for domestic and foreign corporations in real estate investment

Experts predict that it is likely that some areas such as Tan Uyen, Phu Giao, Ben Cat, Thuan An and Di An  will become “hot” locations in the real estate sector. Because of the boom in the development of industry and infrastructure in the real estate market of Binh Duong in general, and Tan Uyen in particular.

Binh Duong – The industrial capital of the South owns dozens of ‘giant’ enterprises, currently developing up to 48 industrial zones/clusters with a total area of tens of thousands of hectares. The northern areas of the province such as Tan Uyen, Ben Cat, Phu Giao … are continuing to be planned dozens of other industrial zones.

Until now, Binh Duong real estate market has always been considered as a low-priced market, not attracting the attention of large corporations, but mainly for small and retail companies. But this has really changed since the Binh Duong New City project was put into operation in April 2010, big investors have started to invest in the real estate market this location.

Why is there such an investment boom in the real estate market in Binh Duong? Because most of the land fund in the New City area of Binh Duong is reserved for administrative agencies and high-end utility systems according to the smart city development plan. In addition, areas such as Thu Dau Mot, Thuan An and Di An, which are adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City, are focusing on the development of trade and service industries.

In which, Thanks to Tan Uyen’s geographical location which is adjacent to Thuan An, Thu Dau Mot, and Bien Hoa (Dong Nai). Tan Uyen is considered to have the most advantage for the development of the industrial park in the future. In addition, in this land, the traffic is convenient for transportation for trade to Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Dong Nai and especially Ho Chi Minh City, as well as to Tay Nguyen. At the same time, Tan Uyen has many clean industrial parks, attracting businesses to invest in opening factories here such as: VSIP2 (2,045hec), Tan Lap (400hec), Uyen Hung (120hec), Nam Tan Uyen (333hec)…. With a natural area of more than 19,000 hectares, Tan Uyen is currently planning to add a new land fund to develop an industrial park of about 2,000 hectares.

According to current statistics, the whole province of Binh Duong has a total FDI investment of about 37 billion USD, of which, Tan Uyen accounts for more than 4 billion USD. Indeed, it is possible to call Tan Uyen the “heart” of the “industrial capital of South” Binh Duong. In fact, the land area for urban development in Tan Uyen is quite meager compared to the area where Tan Uyen develops industry and services.

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Great potential

That is why recently many investors have begun to pay attention to this land of Tan Uyen for the purpose of real estate investment. Investment in real estate in Tan Uyen has increased by 38% (according to data from That’s why the market started to increase prices even though some projects have not yet completed legal procedures.

Besides the spearhead in the industrial sector, Tan Uyen also has a strongly developed infrastructure system – becoming the second attraction of Tan Uyen. A number of key projects are being accelerated investment in order to turn this place into a hot spot for the national economy (HCMC – Tan Uyen – Loc Ninh expressway, Ring Road 4, Uyen Hung – Thu Dau boulevards. One, Nam Tan Uyen Boulevard or metro Thu Dau Mot – Uyen Hung – Tan Thanh). Tan Uyen will soon become a hot spot in real estate sector in the near future.

Despite the complication of the Covid 19 pandemic in Vietnam and many places. Tan Uyen’s infrastructure system still attracts strong investment capital. Just a few days ago, CapitaLand and Becamex IDC signed a contract with the goal of building a housing project in Binh Duong. Besides, LEGO (Denmark) in early December 2021 cooperated with VSIP with the goal of investing in building a toy factory for children.

Besides, Binh Duong also receives investment capital for construction and development from foreign-domestic corporations such as Aeon Mall (Japan), Central Retail (Thailand), Phu Dong … and many other large corporations. These corporations are like hungry tigers grabbing delicious bait in Binh Duong, creating heat for the economy unprecedentedly.